Parts • Winfred Watson



Winfred lives in Silverton, Colorado.

Hummingbird • Howie Good

come here,
it flies away,

a needle-

the window

in a dazzle
of wings,

a sort of


from another

the blue

Van Gogh

to cut off
his ear.


Howie Good's latest book of poetry is The Complete Absence of Twilight (2014) from MadHat Press. He has several poetry books forthcoming, including Fugitive Pieces (Right Hand Press) and Buddha & Co (Plain Wrap Press).

Waiting For Superman • Erren Geraud Kelly

like lois lane, she sits
in a coffeehouse, eyes pensive
trying to find a happy ending
in a dime store novel
her hair is black as midnight
i ask her if i can sit down
she says," no thanks, i'm waiting for
superman "

she's waiting for the bus and
her eyes are holding the dawn
she grips her briefcase
like its the presidential football
i notice the swell of her breasts
her eyes could be my kryptonite
i make small talk
and her words are gold
but she says " i'm waiting for

even if i could detect her secrets
with x-ray vision, it would be futile
she is gone, though she sits next to me
i see the american flag flapping like a cape
in the wind
she's heading home, another lonely
night, she's " waiting for superman"

i've got swag like a football team
enough nerve to leap tall buildings
i make ordinary words extraordinary
i could love her like the world
was ending
but she'll sit at home again
waiting for superman


Erren is a Pushcart nominated poet based in Portland, Oregon,
by way of Salisbury, North Carolina by way of Chicago,
by way of Louisiana, by way of Maine, by way of California,
by way of New York City, by way of Burlington, Vermont,
by way of Louisiana and so on. She has been writing for
25 years and has over 150 publications in print and online
in such publications as Hiram Poetry Review, Mudfish,
Poetry Magazine(online), Ceremony, Cactus Heart, Similar
Peaks, Gloom Cupboard, Poetry Salzburg and other
publications. Her most recent publication was in The
Rain Party and Disaster Society; she has also been
published in anthologies such as " Fertile Ground,"
and Beyond The Frontier.” Her work can also been seen
on Youtube under the " Gallery Cabaret," links.

She is also the author of the chapbook, " Disturbing
The Peace," on Night Ballet Press.

She received her B.A. in English-Creative Writing
from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
She also loves to read and she loves to travel, having
visited 45 states and Canada and Europe. The themes
in her writings vary, but she has always had a soft
spot for subjects and people who are not in the
mainstream. But she never limits herself to anything,
she always tries to keep an open mind.

What I Leave Behind • Lana Ghannam

I hold thinning paper
in clammy hands,
lose my identity on it
by mistake. I crinkle
its abdomen with pressing
fingers, tightly rub
in my self-doubt
beneath my thumb.
I’ll lose my name
if I press hard enough,
erasing my prints off
the tips of my fingers,
like hair that’s been washed
too many times, strands
that fall out and get lost
on my shoulders or through
tumbled fabric. I’ll keep
those loose ends as warnings,
curls that tickle some sense
into me when tucked
into dryer sheets, bed sheets,
lying in sheets on my bedroom
floor. Those tumbleweeds
that catch my cold
toes in the middle
of the day, the sun ripping
down my blinds as if to say
I’m here, I’m here.
The mirror watches
my face get swallowed up
by the sun that sneaks
its light behind the slow
clouds. My eyes grow wide,
my eyes grow wild, always
seeking whatever falls behind.


Lana is currently an MFA Candidate in Poetry at the
University of Central Florida where she also serves as
a Teaching and Editorial Assistant for The
Florida Review, UCF’s national literary magazine. Her 
poetry has appeared in The Holler Box and The Cape Rock.

Humpty Dumpty Deli • Wendy Gist

Humpty Dumpty dude jots orders with flamingo pen,
scoops rocky road and mango ice cream for tweens
who scream preceding soccer practice.

Humpty places waffle cones oozing melting mounds
into holders on the countertop near antique register,
accepts cash only. An older couple off the Interstate
step forward on tanned legs in Bermuda shorts plaid.

The woman under white visor orders a pistachio shake.
Her hubby in button-down shirt pink, masquerading as boyfriend,
chooses berry banana split, demands in southern twang,
“No cherry, Sir.”

A young woman with a parted fro leaps forward,
her asymmetrical skirt, twirling yellow as sun flow.
Tap tap acrylic nail to laminated photo of frappé on countertop.

We chill at blue-mint booths.
He comes to us as waiter, delivers tropical smoothie
and orange Crush pop in a bottle, chilled.
He waggles behind counter, washes knives in a sink,
wipes equipment sterile. Mops tile.

Efficient as fish fins in water. He comes twice as server,
delivers ice waters as if a mind reader and
lunch with a clank of condiments (without request).

We’d slam a $100.00 tip on the table if able. Why not?
It’s a sweltering 103 degrees out. Heck.
We go, stroll sidewalks, flip-flops melt soles.
Humpty’s up on the rooftop mending the air conditioner.
If he goes tumbling, who will bus the tables?


Wendy Gist was born in southern California,
raised in northern Arizona. Her work has appeared
or is forthcoming in Amsterdam Quarterly, Canyon
Voices, Burningword, Glint Literary Journal,
Grey Sparrow Journal, Lines & Stars, New
Plains Review, Oyez Review, Pif Magazine,
Poetry Pacific, Red River Review, Rio Grande
Review, Sundog Lit, The Chaffey Review, The
Fourth River, The Lake (UK), Toad Suck Review,
Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous
Literature, Art, and Thought. She currently
resides in New Mexico.

Over • Ronald Pelias

As talk vanishes
into the understood,
a closing,
a covering,
a made bed.

Hand drops hand.

Eyes drop down
in regret,
in the rub and rid
of it all.


Ronald's poems have appeared in a number of journals,
including Small Pond, Yet Another Small Magazine,
Out of Line, Midwest Poetry Review, Margie, and
Whetstone. His most recent books, Methodology of the
Heart: Evoking Academic and Daily Life (AltaMira Press),
Leaning: A Poetics of Personal Relations (Left Coast Press),
and Performance: An Alphabet of Performative Writing
(Left Coast Press), call upon the poetic as a research strategy.

Wall • Spider Thorndal


Spider Thorndal has published his photos
and poetry widely. He is a native of Baltimore, Maryland,
where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Some Things Die before Called • Patricia Williams

Big box stores
ran end-of-winter sales;
the groundhog predicted
spring was soon to come;
the calendar revealed
winter had concluded,

but winter never ended,
spring never came.

April drizzle,
not sweet and languid,
but sleety and raw
like February,
spat ice and snow
over broken souls;

winter never ended,
spring never came.

The globe is murky,
the solar star frozen,
the lunar orb immobilized;
we long for something
not to be found,
some dead before called.

You left in winter;
spring never came.


Patricia Williams lives in the Wisconsin countryside
with her husband; she retired after 27 years of
teaching at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens P
oint and has had poems published in both online
and print journals in the U.S. and England,
including Lake City Lights, Star*Line Journal,
Camel Saloon, Stoneboat, Middlebrow, Your Daily
Poem, Fox Cry and others.