David Keith • Resembles Other Light

City of Dallas trash cans rumble
over side, the wind
of tonight's cold front comes down
from somewhere.

Interesting garbage spilled under
the wheels of the ice cream truck
tweedling a sad, dreary rendition
of some song old people
might have cherished.

Mean, fat kids eat ice cream every
single day, morning, noon and night,
getting meaner, fatter.

A friend once told me light
had changed and was not the same
light of our youth.
Light of Our Youth!
Wonderful to have had such a thing!

Yellow 3 o'clock sun
shadows Dallas today, this light
resembles other light,
other days, other cities.

A big fat face in the sky
cheeks puffed eyes
puffed blows a breath of weather
upon us on the ground.
Same big fat face
Big Fat Face of Our Youth.

I hope some day the mean fat kids
recall the Turkey in the Straw
tune whatever it is
as something precious lost
some song they thought they knew.