Jonathan David Levine • After The Restaurant

I came home from a dinner inside a restaurant
so now I'm not as thin as I had been before.
The doorbell rang twice. I answered, but nobody was there.
A rat ran down the hallway. I shut the door in fear.

I looked at my apartment. It was such a mess.
I went out towards the window and put my whole face out.
I shouted like a madman and then went back inside.
No guests or scheduled visits were happening tonight.

The refrigerator opened with a very forceful pull.
I wasn't even hungry but I wanted some wine to drink.
The kitchen sink had dishes, too many to wash.
I put on the television looking for something good to watch.

I soon became quite bored and changed to another channel.
I started getting worried about the rent that was soon due.
The batteries went dead inside the remote control.
I put on older music from the classical age.

I listened to Tchaikovsky. Symphony No. 1.
I still could hear the sirens and all the cars outside.
The scene was very peaceful inside of this disorder.
The first side of the record was now done. I flipped it over.

My eyes had started tearing from some thoughts inside my head.
For some it's entertaining to watch another cry.
I sighed and then felt better and grabbed the telephone.
The person that I called was either dead or not at home.

I soon became quite tired and quickly went to sleep.
I dreamt that I was fired from my current low-pay job.
They robbed me of my hours, so many and so precious.
When I woke from the dream it was time to then eat breakfast.

I ate some scrambled eggs along with buttered toast.
I couldn't feel my legs. I still was half-asleep.
I remembered shortly weeping just the night before.
It wasn't such a loss to lose a tear. It was much more.