Marie Kazalia • Too Eager

he happened to be sitting right
next to me
when I began looking for love
in spite of myself I had a need
my talk betrayed me
my tone of voice
he saw the light in my eyes
charged right in aggressive opportunist
“I’m a lonely guy,” he told me, staring longingly at my lips
his voice already completely familiar
sounding natural, the intimacy
when he begged, asking, “talk to me,”
I laughed, got up, went to the phone to make a call
staring at the bust of Napoleon
I knew I’d fallen in love with the idea
being in love
Napoleon looked sharper, more three dimensional
in intense waves, calm and more even
a little spark of excitement arose
along with the questions
what is love?
if I can fall into it with someone new
what about the man I’m supposed to marry?
do I love him? which do I choose?
it happens, there’s no thought really
tacky and talentless little melodramas
played out badly
as a way of communicating
Shock him
lay the flight ticket on the table
just as he’s coming out of the bedroom
first thing in the morning
go over to the phone
alert to his reaction
call and make the flight reservation
shock value
emotions make the acts seem real.