Bar Notes · Nancy Kay Peterson

Food being served
every day in Pub,
2nd door to the left.
Steakhouse next door to the left.
Steakhouse 2nd door on the right.
Wel-come on in.

Men's room not in service after
restaurant is closed.
It is our desire to keep
this (women's room) as clean
and sanitary as possible.
If it is not, please
notify one of our employees.

Domestic beer will be $2.00
when DJ or band start.
(Red dot) $2.75.
(Blue dot) $3.00.
(Green dot) $3.25.
All labels are $2.50.
This person (xeroxed picture)
is not 21 years of age.
Do not sell alcohol to him.
No credit cards.
Checks taken for food only.

No change returned.
*Notice* If you start a fight,
you will be barred permanently.
BARRED list as revised 5/28/97.

Thank you for your patronage.