Bunch of Junk About Chrome · Matt Morris

Remember when the world sparkled. How
the gods shone with polish in bygone days,
their glistening munificence shellacking
their golden, self-damned heavens, layers

of enamel glossing over the nimbus
haloing you. How light afoot you gamboled
through the iridescent drifts
of that kaleidoscopic fall. How brilliantly

you played the glockenspiel & winked
at the scherzando & phooey! How
would you ever take a shine to me?
The me reflected everywhere,

from the Studebaker’s buff chrome bumpers
to the once popular stovepipe hats,
back then fashioned from silver & tin.
Against the glint of history, you stand apart,

your face inside the coin jar ever
beaming, ever radiant to this day,
untarnished by the change waxing over you
in a glimmering, shimmering heap.