J · Chaya Grossberg

-- "the common cold has no cure. it is the cure."

J said, "There's a halo,
I'm all about halos."

"You're all about halos."

Nothing I say in this state counts.
Kind of wasting time
which was what I thought I was doing, sitting in J's
living room,
looking at the thin green leaves of a plant,
the flowers on the table
a tower made of clothes pins

my leg up towards J,
so I put it down
crossed my legs the other way,

J said he couldn't breathe,
I told him to eat jalapeno peppers.
He said he did but it will just come back.

I was headed up a road in the wrong direction.
People told me, That's toward the mountain.
This path down
will lead to the office,
the center,
the beginning

I woke up
with the image of shaking J,
my hands on his shoulders,
You need to go home
or hopefully something will happen to force you to.