Fairy Tale • Ho Cheung (Peter) Lee

The horse gallops.

A princess waves up there
as a frog slips into his mind.

Light breeze carries the prince.
The horse at a halt.

A butterfly breathes beside me.
Can we open the window?

Moonbeam diffuses in the puddle
as the frog dreams itself crinkling
her glassy face. A song

draws the cicadas
in verses.

She strides to the black water and wakes me.
Would you sing my theme?

The words have a flavour as they blend in
from the wooden frame.

The prince in shadow,
watches the frog
climb up a tree. Sing.


The window closes as the cicadas
swim like ghosts.

In her deep purple silhouette, the princess
dances like a feisty butterfly.

Tree branches cut out
on the ground above the fallen leaves,
and pump up through black veins.


the moon rejects my invitation.


Ho Cheung LEE (Peter) was born in Hong Kong. 
He is an ESL teacher, school administrator, 
curriculum developer, academic writer and poet. 
His poems are forthcoming in Chaffey Review, 
Ozone Park Journal, Poetry Pacific, and Wild Violet.