I Never Tasted Love • Lucille Gang Shulklapper

Should this affair
turn yellow, sallow as
love lemon sliced,
acid droplets, pitted,
still bearing seeds,
I will taste bitterness.

Yet; the words, I
don’t love you will
pucker thin lips
that once rose in
sweetness, still cloying,
tongued to your palate
but never mine.
I knew there was a catch.


Lucille Gang Shulklapper is a poet and fiction 
writer. Her work appears in journals and 
anthologies such as Slant, Main Street Rag, 
 Poetic Voices Without Borders, Red Booth 
Review, Consequence, and New Verse 
News, as well as in four poetry chapbooks, 
the most recent titled In the Tunnel (March 
Street Press, 2008). She’s led poetry 
workshops for The Florida Center for 
the Book and those facilitated through the 
Palm Beach Poetry Festival community 
outreach program. Her first picture book, 
Stuck in Bed, Fred, is forthcoming this year. 
Having taught reading K-college, made 
recordings for the blind, and raised a family, s
he is presently, a volunteer with Caregiver 
Youth of America.