Song for 3 Women’s Voices • Daniel Williams

When all my teachers tried to tell me
how the world truly is tried to fool me
When the preacher man did what he can
to prepare his man for faith in ghosts and
cannibalistic ceremony then
I stood around face a frown
looking down whispering Louie Louie Louie

When our world was green blue rivers flowed
no one knew what you’d been told of
microscopes and what they’d do to me
When patriots prayed and children played
poster wisdom meant not a thing to me then
I stood around face a frown
looking down humming Louie Louie Louie

When generals roared their whiskey poured
I spent hours at a meeting of the bored
When smoking fires of desire and roses of a bier
no longer meant a thing to me in winds of time
I quaffed the wine and burnt the forge truly then
stood I around face a frown
looking down singing Louie Louie Louie

When a circus came high wire walkers aflame
I watched as animals pranced in oversized pants
when the mini cars launched their goofing broods
and the fancy dudes pumped their oozing crudes
I wondered at life while orangutans danced then
stood around face a frown
feeling down and whimpered Louie Louie Louie


Daniel is a poet of the Sierra Nevada and Yosemite in California.