Two Poems • Ruth Bardon


I try hard to be
That woman in the movie
Whose life has just been saved
Only she doesn't know it.
She's walking down the street now
And the audience exchanges glances.
She's annoyed at the man
Who's blocked her way,
Answering his phone
In the middle of the sidewalk
And we want to shake her.
There's a world between her world
And ours. We know; she doesn't.
I want to slide like ice
Down the cool beam
Of projected light,
Landing where I belong.



Let's slam the door
On that whole world.
Let's look out the windows
Of the car we once drove.
Let's be boss
Of the company.
Up here, the wind
Is sweet and cold,
And the waterfall
Is a slippery trickle
Like the fur of an otter.
Let's look at the rocks
Being slowly carved--
Look at the boulders
That fell centuries ago
In a world of animals, a place
Of shifting plates and cracks in the earth
And frightened nameless creatures.