How To Impale A Watermelon With A Playing Card • Martin Willits

smell the pack of cards to make sure they are fresh,
remove the jokers because they are uneasy

they know what will happen next,
hypnotize a watermelon

this is remarkably easier than it appears,
you will know when it is asleep when it snores

toss a card overhand between the green and white stripes,
toss with the justified anger of a jilted lover

sometimes it will glance off the surface like skipping stones
sometimes a King will kiss the pregnant belly

I toss cards like tomahawks at unsuspecting objects,
they spend all day dodging meteors

a watermelon is a half moon grin,
the playing deck has toy sailboats mooring

I am arrested for having fifty-two weapons,
I escape digging a tunnel with the Ace of spades

a giant watermelon thumps Tokyo houses
as planes glance harmlessly off its thick chest

it spits toxic seeds as playing cards
while American tourists with cameras plan a picnic