Faith, Stronger Than Water • Alan S. Kleiman

If ever there was a time for eating yogurt
and blue blueberries
or granola mash
this was it

Time stood for now now

Only harlequin readers
wearing lipgloss
from the just closing K-mart
understood proudly
where their next meal was coming from

We knew nothing
we believed
that is all
Faith based healing worked in the dark ages
it would work again

Billions believe in hocus pocus
not yours but theirs
theirs of their fathers
and he knows
every single thing ever learned
we had to ask our father first
to know if truth was being told
or if not

Fear to believe our eyes
leads to gospel

I’ll never stray
what do you think
I’m superman?????


Alan S. Kleiman's poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Verse Wisconsin, The Criterion, Fringe, The Bicycle Review, Pyrta, Eskimo Pie, and The Montucky Review. He lives in New York City and works as an attorney. When not practicing law or writing, he spends as much time as he can in the open air.