Bad Weather • Peycho Kanev

You go out for a walk. The winter is
outside with its white brush painting
the rooftops. Squirrels here and there-
trembling in suspense.

And there is a scream from an indefinable
source. No dogs about, just leashes carelessly
discarded in backyards. Windows – two
eyes – closed, with lowered blinds.

And you are searching for the map in
your head, thinking: “Where am I?”
Listening to the repulsive sound of the winter
sucking at the bones of the trees.


Peycho Kanev is the Editor-In-Chief of Kanev Books. His poetry collection Bone Silence was released in September 2010 by Desperanto. A new collection of his poetry, titled Requiem for One Night, will be published by Desperanto in 2012.