Kosi Is Leaner These Days, Starved • Kanchan Chatterjee

kosi is leaner these days, starved
it's only a trickle,
knee high at the most

no need of any boat, anything

we'll crossover
and sit by the edge
of the woods --
near that
railway track
(still meter gauge!)

only three mail trains
will pass by
throughout the day

you know. . .


Kanchan Chatterjee is a 45 year old male executive, 
working in the ministry of finance, government of India. 
He is from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand India. 
His poems have appeared in various online and print journals,
 including, Eclectic eel, Mad Swirl, Shot Glass Journal, 
Jellyfish Whisperer , Bare Hands Poetry , River Muse, Decanto, and 
Ygradsil. He is a Pushcart Prize (U.K) nominee for 2012.