Golden Haired Girl • Erren Kelly

dancing with you golden-haired girl
is holding a translucent light
looking into your eyes, i see texas skies

i hear the song only angels know
in your drawl, it sounds just right
better than a mockingbird, my golden-haired girl

you hold a stethescope, like a violin
i hold you like my own heart, just right
until you become a dream, my golden haired girl

to know you is to know a blessing
you are a beacon and a delight
my golden-haired girl
we become reborn in safffron skies


Erren is based in Burlington. His work 
has appeared widely, including Hiram Poetry 
Review, Mudfish, Poetry Magazine (online), Ceremony, 
Cactus Heart, Similar Peaks, Gloom Cupboard, 
Poetry Salzburg and other publications.