Unexplained Things • Barry Yeoman

There is an urgency of expression
in the trees. Our lives
are photographs, stories,
dreams …

These thoughts
are crammed into matchboxes
to keep the candles burning ---

against the bitter winter,
against the dark,
dark cloak of apathy.

I wasted ten years
waiting on the proverbial
stars to line up.

All was frozen,
still as the cocked heads
of porcelain dogs.

We breathe the cold moon
feel it's dark gravity …

long for unexplained things.


Barry was educated at Bowling Green State 
Univ., The Univ. of Cincinnati, and The 
McGregor School of Antioch Univ, in 
Yellow Springs, Ohio, in creative 
writing, world classics, and the 
humanities. He is originally from 
Springfield Ohio and lives currently in 
London, Ohio.