Waste Hauler • Dan Jacoby

dean remembered
being stranded just
outside North Platte
called it the last green place
before the waste
of the grazing lands
smell of cattle and animal rot
drunk, chasing harvesting work-

imagine riding
straight line from
Omaha to Cheyenne
at 70 miles an hour
sharing a cross-legged joint
holding a brace chain on a flatbed
trying to piss off the back
to relieve oneself
of the past


Dan Jacoby lives in Illinois on a very old 
family farm. He is a former student, 
special forces soldier, spy, steel 
worker, teacher, coach, mentor, and 
principal. He has three degrees: a BA 
from St Louis University in History 
and Literature, an MS in Physical 
Education from Chicago State University, 
and a MA in Education and Evaluation 
from Governors State University. 
He graduated from the US Army 
Intelligence School, Fort Holabird, 
Maryland, as a counterintelligence 
agent. He studied German language 
and history at the University of 
Innsbruck, Innsbruck Austria. 
Has traveled extensively in western 
Europe and parts of Asia. He is the 
web guy at hagamanhistoricalsociety.com 
which delves into the early history of 
Western Mound Township in Macoupin 
County, Illinois. He is co-administrator of 
JL Robinson Store which can be found on 
Facebook. He has published poetry in the
National Poetry Press Anthology and the 
Shore Review. He has work soon to be 
published in Red Fez and Wilderness House 
Literary Review.