Farsightedness • Michael Estabrook

Forgot my eyeglasses again
that guy looks like Cary Grant
or Uncle Johnny before he got sick
with Lou Gehrig’s disease
rhubarb pies? nobody eats rhubarb pies
I fooled Todd once he thought
I was playing amazing harmonica
it was so silly too many beers was all
almost forgot to feed the fish again
the bus took forever going up Madison
Alan was getting antsy and angry
I didn’t mind it was fun looking at the people
why didn’t Alan look at them too?
George and I would walk Hartz Lane
all the way to 2 Guys From Harrison
drive-in movies were great weren’t they
one time we snuck Pat and Larry in in the trunk
I was jealous when she’d dance with Dick
he had such long arms and couldn’t stop staring
Doc Johnson took us up once in his airplane
Pat got sick such a drab day for photographs
like channeling ghosts the doc said
Johnny was so crazy about Lois he had photos
of her taped to the dash of his new GTO
Kerry Todd Michael Billy Linda Grammy would say
trying to land on the correct name
in the Staten Island Zoo the sun bear
paced back and forth in perpetuum
flamingos a 2-headed turtle and otters
keep your hands off her she’s my girl
and he did of course he did I was a weightlifter
hyperopia is the medical term for farsightedness
whereby distant objects
are seen clearly close objects are not


Michael Estabrook is a recently retired baby 
boomer poet freed finally after working 40 
years for “The Man” and sometimes “The 
Woman.” No more useless meetings under 
florescent lights in stuffy windowless rooms. 
Now he’s able to devote serious time to making 
better poems when he’s not, of course, trying 
to satisfy his wife’s legendary Honey-Do List.