Starbucks, After Closing • Larry Thomas

The wafts of freshly brewed coffee
have unraveled in air
reeking of the sanitizing agent
lavished on floors and countertops.

The hushed, intermingled voices
have evaporated: closing
deals of commerce; shoring up
the fragile walls of friendship;

gracing the pink snifters
of lovers’ ears with the brandy
of sweet nothings. But the beans
remain, steeped and expectant

in their glossy, brightly colored
sacks, each bean a dark, little
cottage crowded with its cabin-
fevered shut-in of caffeine.


Timberline Press (Fulton, MO) brought out Larry's 
first collection of poetry, The Lighthouse Keeper, 
in early 2001. He has published ten additional full-length 
collections of poems, several of which have received 
prizes and awards, including two Texas Review 
Poetry Prizes (2001 and 2004), the 2003 Western 
Heritage Award (National Cowboy & Western 
Heritage Museum), and the 2004 Violet Crown 
Book Award (Writers’ League of Texas). His poetry 
has also been nominated for the 2007 Poets’ Prize 
(West Chester University/Nicholas Roerich Museum), 
five Pushcart Prizes, a Best of the Net award, 
and has received six Spur Award Finalist citations from 
Western Writers of America. His Larry D. Thomas: 
New and Selected Poems (TCU Press, 2008) 
was short-listed for the coveted National Book Award.