Staying Gold • Jacqueline Jules

to everyday irritants,
gold doesn’t
chemically react
like I do
when corrosive words
touch my surface.
Gold remains untarnished
amidst tailpipe discharge
and tears.

Ponyboy was advised to stay gold
while Robert Frost warned
it was too hard a hue to hold.

Me, I’d like to be
just a bit more resistant—
to avoid turning green
like that tall copper lady with the torch
when exposed to ordinary air.


Jules is the author of the poetry chapbooks Field Trip to
the Museum published by Finishing Line Press and
Stronger Than Cleopatra, forthcoming by ELJ Publications.
Her poetry has appeared in numerous publications including
Future Cycle, Inkwell, Potomac Review, Soundings Review,
Imitation Fruit, Minimus, Calyx, Connecticut River Review,
and Pirene's Fountain. She is also the author of two dozen
books for young readers including the Zapato Power series,
No English, Sarah Laughs, and Never Say a Mean Word Again.