Stranded Between Destinations • Bill Wolak

Now only sympathetic embraces
and comforting words sustain you.
Drunkenness can’t relieve such loss.
Sleep only postpones it.
You’re a traveler stranded
between destinations.
You can neither settle
where you’ve been dropped off,
nor embark for the next stop.
You trudge like someone exhausted,
as if you’ve just recovered from a fever.
Your suitcase is far too heavy,
your currency useless.
Be patient as salt and watch
how time mixes perfume and ashes.


Bill Wolak has just published his tenth book 
of poetry entitled The Lover’s Body with 
Cross-Cultural Communications. 
Recently, he was a featured poet at 
The Hyderabad Literary Festival. Mr. 
Wolak teaches Creative Writing at William 
Paterson University in New Jersey.