Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Linda M. Crate

the sun was shining brightly
pittsburgh was shining in all her splendor
i was waiting for the bus that would
take me to philadelphia,
but i had some time to kill;
so i remember dragging my luggage into subway
no one said anything but i saw their weird
looks and i must have screamed
tourist with my presence—
uncomfortable i ate as quickly as i could manage
without making myself sick and departed,
i walked across a bridge with bright yellow rails
watched a boat drift across the vast river
that almost seemed an ocean
in it's wide girth;
remember walking down the stairs with my luggage
thinking i'd be just fine but in my over confidence
fell down the stairs
was embarrassed to find some good Samaritans
had seen me fall and they rushed over
asking me if i were okay,
blushing i nodded and insisted i were fine
i was more embarrassed than anything,
and i couldn't wait for the bus
to sweep me away on the edge of oblivion's tongue.
- linda m. crate