Too Late • John Repp

“Saturdays were all Fury and Flicka back then.”

 - overheard from the booth behind, 
Woodstown Diner, 2010

Good to be alive to have not just
the phrase “King Korn Popcorn”
appear in the mind, but an image
of the box, too. However, “appear”
is approximate. Words congeal
simultaneously behind the permanent,
scrunched frown & the epiglottis.
King Korn Karamel Korn was best
though research so far has failed
to verify it ever melted & crunched

in a mouth. Good to be alive
to know for sure bad guys
once sealed their own dooms
in phone booths & scuffed
past lunch counters where
delivery boys in slouch hats
hunched smoking over big plates
wiped clean of congealed eggs.
The bad guys always realized
who they were too late.