This Week's Interview: Howie Good

What are your goals when you write poetry?
A poem is a made thing. I use whatever materials I find at hand. If I have an overriding goal, it's to make something that challenges or subverts the dominant mode of contemporary consciousness, which I believe to be incoherent, oppressive, and deadening.

What's your attitude about the poetry business, the print, the online, magazines, book publishers, etc?
I'm much affronted by the ever-increasing profusion of reading fees. It's like you're paying for the privilege to be rejected. Poets do it for love; I don't see why editors of most publications shouldn't, too. Money is necessary, but there are other ways to raise it than on the backs of poets.

When you read poetry by others, what do you get from it?
A sense of fellowship.

What's an online mag that you love and look forward to reading?
There are a number: Right Hand Pointing, Posit, Uut Poetry, Your One Phone Call.

What's the one bit of knowledge you have now that you wish you had when you first started writing and publishing?
Trust your intuition.

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