Outside South Vienna, Ohio • Barry Yeoman

Twenty years
in an apartment
on a country road

not far from the interstate.
A steady monotonous flow
of unknown souls

eastbound westbound
passing each night
in cars and rigs

following one another
across the icy flats
like slow tracers

headlights passing
tail-lights leaving
24/7 the same sounds

hypnotizing the night.
Imagine these
opposite processions

across a continent.
How many workers
in cities like

Detroit and Cleveland
the untold number
of hours

of rawboned labor
to keep the line moving
from coast to coast?

A string of metal
and humanity
carrying ruptured lives

of truckers and lovers
by the millions

the dark landscape
a constant
carbon-burning murmur.

Each passing night
an accumulation of things
we cant quite get over.


Barry Yeoman was educated at Bowling Green 
State Univ., The Univ. of Cincinnati, and 
The McGregor School of Antioch Univ., 
in creative writing, world classics, and the 
humanities. He is originally from Springfield, 
Ohio and lives currently in London, Ohio. 
His work has appeared, or is forthcoming 
in Red Booth Review, Futures Trading, 
Danse Macabre, Harbinger Asylum, 
Red Fez and The Wayfarer.