Remember • Stanley Galloway

Some thought the former mission ought to be abandoned,
others thought it an essential stand
opposing Santa Anna.

And so the rabble stood its ground
as well as any party taking shots
of Mexican tequila.

Sincerity is not a measure of good judgment
nor is right the arbiter of triumph --
a person can be worth his salt and tumble on the rocks.

Sometimes persistence is the only virtue I possess
and though I fail, no limelight on me now,
I have persevered.


Stan Galloway teaches English at Bridgewater College in
Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. He was nominated for the
Pushcart Prize in 2013 and Best of the Net in 2011 and
2012. His collection Just Married (Unbound Content, 2013)
focuses on early relationship lessons from the point of
view of a new groom. His chapbook Abraham (Sierra Delta
Press, 2012) looks at the life of the biblical Abra(ha)m
and the perplexities of his experience. A Bird’s Life
(Books on Blog, 2012) gathers poetic observations about,
and sometimes from the point of view of, various
feathered creatures. He has had more than 100 other
poems published (in such places as Boston Literary
Magazine, Contemporary World Literature, Muddy River
Poetry Review, Red Booth Review, and vox poetica) and
has also written a book of literary criticism, The
Teenage Tarzan (McFarland, 2010). He has been featured
at the Niagara Literary Arts Festival (St. Catherine’s,
ON) and the Turner Cassity Literary Festival
(Douglasville, GA). He has a determined interest
in the production and influence of poetry around the globe.