A Day on the Farm, Pt. 2 • Jason Ryberg

A grackle perched
on a fence post
beneath an electric blue ocean of sky
where mountains and fat landmasses of cloud
do their continental drift thing.

Tiny sets of wings-
blue, yellow, orange
flutter up from the grass.

The wind and the trees are twisting
(like they did last summer
and at least a hundred summers before).

A sparrow is sitting on the driver’s
side mirror of a beat-to-shit pick-up truck
in the middle of a clump
of grass and weeds grown conspicuously tall
on a small square of the property
where all else is kept fairly low
to the ground.

Keys still in the ignition.
Battery still good.
Radio works.

Motherfuckin’ Chuck Berry.


Jason Ryberg is the author of seven books of poetry. His latest collection of poems is Down, Down and Away (co-authored with Josh Rizer and released by Spartan Press). He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.