Poet Diva Chick • Erren Geraud Kelly

who has coffeehouse
or whole foods market
running through her
scan her dna and you'll se
thrift shop
in it
hear her open her mouth
and youll hear alternative music or
hip hop living in it

she gives kids on the streets m&ms or
now and laters

she sees you
gives you a kiss now
and promises another one,

maya angelou, amber tamblyn
and jill scott
are some of her sisters
dauxrianne laux , wanda coleman
Nikki Giovanni and Nicole blackman
you cant resist her

she can give her love freely like
edna millay, floating like a feather
or like Sylvia plath, a thunderstorm
no matter the weather

her body may be a temple
or she may look like a

she's not out to impress
as she's blowing bubbles
but she'll school ya

words ride the hemn of her dress
her love is a hymn she gives to

when she opens her mouth
like a bell, she's always heard

she chews licorice like a communion

a high priestess of words