This is an ambiguous title • Katie Lewington

Night began cold
             became warmer
with each drink he thrust down his throat from a tumbler
           supplied by the bar
           he sat on a stool
and as the liquor crashed
                         like waves
                                      into his stomach
the room appeared to shrink
awareness stolen from him –
                                 fucking thief
he remembered
                        visiting the toilet
and somehow
                   found himself outside
       fell asleep around the stone statue
on a step
that they     posed on
like a refugee, alien
one stuck and the other

pushing his head deeper
                           into the
         curves of the sculpture

as  if he is the person
attempting to hold them in
               a hemline
causing a mark on the skin

he slept
for this statue to become
                         a woman
the step a bed

for them to both to lay low

in bliss.